Digital Subscriber Line & Voice over Internet Protocol
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new communications option that is
provided by many cable and telecommunication companies. It offers drastic cost
savings and boasts many options. But there is many things that you need to know
about VoIP when it comes to interfacing with security and fire systems.

First off, VoIP is not a guaranteed method of communications. Standard hard line
telephone systems are not guaranteed either, but are more reliable than VoIP.
Standard telephone service provided by your local telephone company is known in
the industry as a POTS line, POTS is an acronym for Plain Old Telephone System.

Many customers are choosing to change their service from the conventional phone
service to a digital service. Your alarm system has equipment designed to function
with the conventional service. Just as you are seeing on the TV that the channels
will be broadcasting in digital and a converter box is needed for your existing
television, we would like to inform you of the potential impact that the new types
of phone services may have on you security system. It is important that you are
aware that these new services can adversely affect your security system.

If you choose to try to use the new digital service with your existing alarm system:

1. Test your alarm system before any work has begun and at the completion of the
installation of the new service while the installer is still at your residence. Call our
office and we will help you through the process.

2. In addition to the security system's battery back-up equipment, the digital phone
services need additional battery back-up equipment to maintain communications in
the event of a power failure.

3. Your current system has been wired to have the alarm equipment ahead of the
phones in the house and has a special jack installed to insure that when the alarm
is activated it seizes the phone line and can communicate without interruption. You
may have found that when the alarm has been activated that your house phones
are dead for a short period of time. This feature is there to insure that even if a
phone in the house is off the hook, the alarm will still be able to communicate. If
the new phone service installation is not connected in this fashion, then the alarm
signal may not communicate properly.

4. We encourage you to check with us before making and changes to your existing
telephone service. If you already have switched to digital phone service, it is
extremely important that you contact us now. We will arrange a service call to
properly test your system. Either way, there is a significant risk that your security
system will not be able to communicate an emergency signal to the central station
when using digital phone services.

For the utmost reliability, there are new security communications solutions
available. One suggestion we have is to add a cellular communicator to your
existing system. There is an installation charge for this addition. Please call today
for pricing information. These services allow you to take maximum advantage of
cost savings from digital phone services while maintaining and even improving the
reliability of your security system. We would be happy to discuss these option with
you. Please call our office at 203-736-0171 today.