Perimeter Protection - The first line of defense is the doors and windows.

Space Protection - Motion detection and glass breakage detectors supplement the
protection provided by the perimeter devices.

Life Safety - This includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, and panic alarms.

Property Monitoring - Sump pumps can be monitored as well as water leak sensors,
carbon monoxide, and low temperature alarms.

Keypads - This is where the alarm is turned on, turned off, and the status checked.

Wireless Devices - All types of wireless protection is offered. And in addition to
providing protection, there is a wide variety of devices to make
using your alarm easier than ever.

GPS Security - A new advance in the security world is Global Positioning System
(GPS) monitoring. GPS allows viewing and tracking of an assets location. And this
is done by logging on to a secure web site.

Camera Systems - CCTV systems are a way to view and record at a location.