Frequently Asked Questions
If you have DSL on the same phone line that the alarm is connected to, a special filter is
needed. The filter works the same was as the ones that were delivered with your DSL
package, but sized differently to fit the phone connection used for the alarm.

"What do I do if I have privacy manager on my phone?"

If you have the privacy manager option with your phone service provider, it may block the
central station from calling in the event of an alarm. If you know the 10 digit access code to
bypass the manager, we can forward that to our central station so they will always be able to
reach you. If you are not sure what the access code is, it can be obtained by calling the
customer service department at your phone service provider.

"The central station called and said I have a low battery."

If the central station calls to tell you that they have received a low battery signal, it's time to
replace the main battery in the control panel.

"I already have a security system installed, can Alert Alarms monitor it?"

We can come out and evaluate your existing system and offer options. Most systems can be
reprogrammed to allow us to connect to our monitoring station.