The keypad is where the system is controlled from and where alarms or faults are
displayed. A keypad should always be located near the main point of entry to allow
the alarm to be easily deactivated on entry and activated on exit. Keypads can also
be located at points of convenience, like in a bedroom or back door. But like all
wired devices, location is dependant on being able to get a wire to it. There are
also wireless devices,
found here, that can be used to control your system.
All zones are displayed by their assigned zone
number. The keypad is easy to ready with back lit
numbers and display, and all of the functions are
printed on the buttons themselves. Keep in mind, a
panic feature is also available with this style keypad.
By press the * and # keys at the same time, the
authorities are notified that a panic alarm has been
While the function of this keypad is identical to the
means that then a zone is open or in alarm, instead
of seeing a zone number this will read out in plain
english what is faulted.
Fire alarm systems are required to have an annunciator
station to display where the fire is. A red keypad is
used to serve as this annunciator. This allows us to be
able to show the responding authorities as well as the
building occupants where the fire activation is located.