Cellular Secured Monitoring
Cellular secured monitoring is a wireless way of reporting
alarm activations. It is in addition to your wired telephone
connection to provide for outages and interruptions. The
cellular module transmits the alarm signal over a cellular
network which insures uninterrupted communication. The
cellular module is powered from the panels power supply and will
also run on battery backup in the case of a power outage.
The cellular module interfaces with your monitoring account that is in
place through the phone lines.

Think of the cellular module as a powerful cell phone connected to your
security system and the largest wireless data network in
North America. A dedicated wireless line to your monitoring
service...always on...even if there is no phone or the phone
service is out. It is just that simple. If there is an alarm,
the cellular module delivers the message over a dedicated cellular link to
our central station.
Cellular secured monitoring is also recommended for VoIP (voice over IP)
applications to provide communication in case of an outage or interruption in voice

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