Keeping Your Children Safe

•        Make sure your children really understand these rules. Set up "what if" situations, and ask your children
what they would do.

•        Always make sure young children are supervised.

•        Get to know your children's friends and their families.

•        Make sure your children know your address and phone number.

•        Know your employees. Do background screenings and reference checks on everyone who works at your

Tell your children to:

•        Take a friend along: Older children should always take a friend when they go somewhere; younger
children should always be supervised.

•        Run away from danger, and toward someone you trust: If someone is following on foot or in a car, teach
your children to run as quickly as they can in a direction opposite from which the stranger is headed, and
run to someone they trust. Don't go near the stranger or the car, don't run to where you are alone or
separated from friends.

•        If someone tries to take you somewhere: Get away and YELL! Don't be afraid to yell as loud as you can!

•        If anyone makes you frightened, confused or uncomfortable: Tell an adult you trust right away.

•        Never leave school with someone you don't feel comfortable with: Even if they say it's an emergency.
Tell your children to check first with a teacher or school official.
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