Perimeter Protection
Perimeter protection devices are used to protect doors and windows. These device
can range from button switches mounted in a door frame to 1/4 inch magnetic
contacts drilled into a window sill. While usually the switches are hidden in frames,
sometimes we also need to mount on the surface. We always try to use the
smallest switch possible to try and make the installation look clean. But the most
common perimeter device used on new installations in existing buildings are
wireless transmitters. The devices are small, clean looking, and require no holes for
Surface contacts such as these are mounted on the
side or bottom of a window or door. Due to the
fact that these are wired contacts, holes must be
drilled and the location be dependant on if we can
reach it with a wire or not.
This is an example of a magnetic contact. It
located in windows, we can also use these on
doors to minimize looks.