Property Protection
Property Protection can range anywhere from temperature monitors, carbon
monoxide detectors, and sump pump alarms.
A temperature monitor can protect your home
from frozen pipes or you freezers from warm food.
Additional probes can be added to the units to
allow for remote sensing. Through the central
station, if the unit activates it can call your
cellphone or a neighbor watching your house while
your away.
Carbon Monoxide is created from any equipment that
uses open flame. CO is a colorless, odorless,
tasteless, and invisible gas. The onset of CO
poisoning can mimic flu like symptoms and can lead
to coma or death. A CO detector can warn you of CO
build-up from faulty equipment before any health
concerns arise.
potentially expensive damage. The sump pump
alarm is mounted to the drain pipe that leads out of
your sump well. If the water rises to a predetermined
level, it will activate the alarm panel. The water
sensor mounts close to the floor and activates when
water closes the loop between the exposed probes.