Wireless Devices
Wireless devices are the next generation in security.
They allow us to mount equipment anywhere it is
needed, not only where we can get wires to. It also
allows for a cleaner install and less drilling. Newer
homes today have a wide variety of utilities inside
walls that are hidden from view. Plastic pipes for
water or drains, electrical wires, and so on are a
concern anytime drilling must be done. We have long
drill bits to allow for drilling between floors, but have
no exact control over then if we can not see the area.
This is where wireless comes into play. All types of
wireless devices are available today to add on to your
system to provide custom protections to meet all of
your needs.
Single button panic transmitter. Button must be held
for 2 seconds to the transmission to be sent. The unit
can be worn around the neck with the supplied chain
or on the belt with the integrated clip.
The 5804 can be configured to suit your needs. While
allowing the system to be disarmed or armed in either away
or stay, it can also be programmed to function as a panic
While having all the same features as the 5804 above, this
device uses what is called bi-directional technology.
Bi-directional means that the unit sends the selected signal
to the panel, then the panel sends a confirmation back to
the unit. This allows for confirmation or arming, and
checking if all zones are closed remotely.
While using the same bi-directional technology as the above
5804BD, this wireless keypad contains more user control.
While this functions the same way as a wired keypad, it can
be remotely mounted anywhere within the structure as well
as carried in a vehicle or pocket. While the 5804BD allows
one button function, this keypad needs the four digit code
like a wired pad, but allows arming in all modes as well as
panic. And system status can we retrieved with the touch on
a button.
These wireless smoke detectors work the same as their
wired counterparts, but run off of two lithium ion
batteries for extended service life.
The motion detector covers a 35 foot by 35 foot area and
has built in pet immunity for pets up to 40 pounds.
The bread and butter of wireless perimeter protection, the
5816 can be mounted on doors or windows to allow
protection against intrusion. The inputs allow a magnet to be
mounted next to the unit or have a remote switch wired to it.